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Fruit Jam Processing line

Shanghai JUMP Machinery&Technology co.,ltd, from nearly 20 years of whole plant equipment research and development, design, manufacture and summing up experience, one-stop turnkey engineering progress, the production of fruit and vegetable sauce processing production line of best-selling domestic and exported to overseas, has established more than 110 production lines, 70% of exports, won a good reputation!
We have abundant experience and demonstration projects in the production line of mango jam, pineapple jam, apple jam, banana jam, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, blueberry jam, tomato paste, apricot jam, cherry jam, chili sauce etc
Main Equipment Function
Elevating Machine material’s lifting and preliminary washing
Washing Machine material’s washing
Sorting Machine manual sorting(peeling) platform
Crushing Machine crushing the materials
Pre heater material’s pre-heating,enzyme deactivation and color protection
Pulper material’s pulping and refining
Vacuum Evaporator water’s evaporation and concentration of juice/pulp
Sterilizer Sterilize the material by heat-treatment
Aseptic Filler Fill the materials into bag-in-box and bag-in-drum aseptic bag
Conveyor Transport the material or final products
Centralized control cabinet PLC human-machine interface, equip with manual or automatic operation
Installation and commissioning:
After equipment being shipped to buyer’s factory , buyer should put the equipment in place in accordance with the layout in advance.Our company will send experienced technical staff to guide the installation, commissioning and trial production, and to reach production capacity within a specified time.
Technical Training:
1. Our company is responsible for providing technical training to the buyer. The training includes equipment structure and working principle, equipment control and operation. The company will provide qualified technical staff guidance, and make training agenda. 
2. We will train buyer's technical staff in operation and maintenance skills so that the staff can proficiently adjust the process, and deal with breakdown that may occur during the production process .
Quality guaranty:
1. Our company guarantees that all goods provided are brand new and we use the simplest equipment to meet the customer's requirements and comply with the contractual quality, specifications and performance in all respects .
2. Our company guarantees that after the production line is installed and commissioned under properly guidance, our engineer will wait until the line can run 5 days normally and can achieve the technical performance of the product.
3. Our company guarantees that it will be responsible for any failure and damage in Seller's liability, such as defects in design, process, manufacture, installation, commissioning and material provided within the quality warranty period specified in the contract.
4. The company guarantees the sale team will work in full diligence and responsibility.They will coordinate replacement if customer has dissatisfaction.
After-sale service:
1. We offer 12 months warranty after the acceptance date.The control system has 12 months warranty, and we offer free spare parts and effective service. In case of any major failure occurred during the warranty period, our engineer will start to apply visa immediately we receive buyer’s notification and go to buyer’s working site and troubleshooting soonest.
2, We provide life-long excellent technical support and after-sales service for every buyer.


Contact Us

Email address:
Chief engineer: Nancy Jing  0086-13310056506
                          May Feng   0086-13310056508
                          Andy Liu     0086-13310056505

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