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mid-scale tomato paste production line in Hebei,China
Project Description: This project is the first tomato sauce factory in HeBei china. Our SHJUMP offered turnkey solution.

Project Characteristic:
Processing capacity: 360T fresh tomato per day
Final product: tomato paste in aseptic drums in 220L for export
Project Location: Hebei, China. Near Tianjin port
Completion date:  Aug. 20, 2017

Project Details and On-site Snapshot: 
1,After nearly 3 months of processing and manufacturing, in mid June, the whole line of equipment has been sent to the scene, although the sky under the rain, but the customer is extremely excited

2,Installation field  of double-stage vacuum evaporator in the middle of July

3,At the beginning of August, on-site equipment commissioning, personnel training and factory construction at the same time.

4,In late August, the production line was put into production smoothly.

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