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The most common types include the electric and hydronic. This is a much more energy effective and cost-effective method compared to wood fired stoves, boilers, or gas furnaces.
What to expect from the radiant floor heating systems
The basic idea of the radiant system is to warm up the home with the source of the heat coming from the ground up. The major types of floor heating include the hydronic and electric systems. These systems are installed in a dry area under the main flooring or forming part of a concrete slab.
Here is an overview of the two major types of heated flooring:
The electric radiant system is based on mats or strips that are heated electrically and installed by encasing in a layer of concrete. This thin layer of concrete is heated up using the internal mats or strips which then lets the heat escape into the home.
This type of heating is a practical addition to install in some of the small rooms in the home such as the bedroom or bathroom. Plus, out of the two styles of under-the-flooring heating the electric system is the easiest and most cost-effective to install.
The hydronic systems are generally more difficult to have installed, but in the long-term are more efficient to run. This type of system relies on a network of hot water pipes that are laid under the flooring. Similar in design to the electric radiant heat, this system also relies on the layer of concrete to cover the pipe work.
With the hydronic system, there is much greater flexibility in relation to the thickness of the concrete used to make the slab. It is possible to use a thicker slab with the hydronic system which means it is possible to generate a lot more heat. Plus, this heating system is less vulnerable to sudden air changes, such as those that happen when external doors are opened.

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