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UHT sterilizer and Aseptic filler monobloc in Nanjing
Project Description: UHT sterilizer and aseptic filler for ice cream in Nanjing China

Project Process: 
1. Signed the contract-------April 25, 2017
2. Equipment production is over finished May.10, 2017
3. Smooth delivery of equipment June.27, 2017
4. The site installation and debugging completed, the smooth production of  Aug. 5, 2017

Client project detail: 
The sterilizer and aseptic filling machine is the core equipment that our company has provided to the customer ice cream production line, and has a number of technical patents. The packaging of the customer is 2 kg of aspetic bag, which is divided into two types: flat mouth and valve type.

A. Tubular sterilizer introduction: Ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine can simultaneously to the heating, insulation materials, heat recovery and cooling operations, such as in the preheating section and cooling section, heat can be fully recycled, which make full use of the heat exchange of material itself, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving; The sterilization temperature and sterilization time are digital adjustable, equipped with automatic and manual control system.

B. Double-head BIB aseptic filling machine, aseptic bag filling machine using the steam jet method for sterilization mouth and filling room, to ensure the filling room is always in a sterile state, sterile mouth sterilization, open, filling and sealing are done in a sterile environment. Double head filling switch filling, filling material zero reflux, the equipment comes with CIP cleaning, SIP sterilization movement process, can realize with the front-end sterilization machine linkage, do not need to clean sterilization separately. Materials at room temperature for more than two years. Equipped with automatic and manual control system.
The exclusive ultra high temperature transient sterilization technology, to the customer's technical adviser tut-tut praise.

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