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Large tomato production line in Uzbekistan
Project Description:
750T/day tomato paste production and ketchup filling line in Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

Project Characteristics:
This project  is composed of two sections: 
A. tomato sauce production line --- from fresh tomatoes to 220L sterile large bags
Including the original fruit's lifting system, cleaning system, sorting system, crushing system, preheating enzyme system, slurry system, vacuum concentration system, sterilization system, sterile large bag filling system.

B. ketchup filling line
(extraction pump), the mixing tank, the double filter, the sterilizer, the bottle machine, the filling machine, the sealing machine (the cover machine), the tunnel spraying sterilizer, the blow-dryer, the spreader, and the box.

Detailed Project Process and On-site Photos:
1. Signed the contract

2. Delivery

3. On-site installation and debugging

4. Installation and debugging are completed on schedule, and the factory officially started production on Aug.12,2017

5. Products by our processing line :

Customers were full of praise to our delicated work and the good result , and is planning to buy some other fruit processing machines from our company.

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