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This is a timed and methodical process, and one that has been around for centuries. The Italians believe that making your own tomato pasta sauce is not just a tradition but also a necessity for fine food. You will be hard pressed to find a family within all of Italy's many regions that does not make their own sauce that has been handed down by past generations. The Italians believe in doing things that old fashioned way when it comes to cooking, and the results basically speak for themselves.
Picking Your Own Ingredients
If you are going to be making your own Italian tomato sauce, then you are going to want the freshest ingredients available to you. This will basically start with you picking your own vegetables for the sauce you are making, and you can pick great plum tomatoes and fine robust onions to start with a great base. These tomatoes are smaller than steakhouse tomatoes, and they are actually an oblong shape kind of like a pear. These tomatoes are sweet and have a great taste to them, and this makes and ideal starting point for your own tomato sauce for pasta. These tomatoes will be pressed in a large tub, and then boiled to bring out the flavor of the tomatoes. This will be the basic sauce to which you will apply everything else too.
Slow Cooked To Perfection
When making your own tomato cause for you pasta dishes, you are going to want to slow cook this sauce. This will help bring it to perfection, as nothing this tasty should ever be rushed. When you cook it slowly it is almost like the ingredients are on a timed release with their flavors, and this makes the sauce fantastic in the end. There are many different versions of a fine Italian tomato sauce that you can find in each and every village and town within the linings of the country of Italy. Depending on what region you is in, will determine how the sauce is not only made but how it tastes as well. A fine and intricate sauce is something that has to blend for several hours in order for it to be the optimum consistency and texture. This will be the sauce that feeds your family and or friends; this is why you want it to be perfect in every way.

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