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Some people even use it as-is, without adding anything! Well, I'm here to give you some other options. You can either use that horrid off-the-shelf tomato sauce as a base for a simple bolognese, or you can try to make own sauce from scratch with the spicy tomato sauce recipe. Whichever you choose - enjoy!
Simple Tomato Bolognese Sauce:
- 1 lb minced beef
- 1 bay leaf
- 3.5 oz Onion
- 3.5 oz of Carrot
- 1 dl of olive oil
- 25 cl of Red wine
- 25 cl of Tomato Sauce
- Salt and Pepper
Mince the onion and the carrot, then saute in a pan with the oil and a single bay leaf. Once ready, allow to cool a little then add the meat. Season it all, and saute again until the meat is half done. Then add the wine, boil it down to about half volume, then add the tomatoes

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